The Parachute Regiment recruits from all areas of the Country and is looking for men aged 16-33 who seek a challenge.

As the Air Manoeuvre Battle Group the Regiment provides the capability to deploy anywhere in the world at short notice as the spearhead of any demanding operational requirements, these men are totally professional and highly disciplined. Together they form part of 16 Air Assault Brigade and the Special Forces Support Group.

The men of the Parachute Regiment set the highest standards, whether it is skill in battle or smartness in the execution of peace time duties, they have shown themselves to be as tenacious and determined in defense as they are courageous in attack. They achieve this through a rigorous selection and training process that is second to none.

The Parachute Regiment is recruiting now. If you want to get more from your life give them a call on 01206 817083 or contact them using the following links: